Pigeon Update: Crap One Month Later & What You Can Do

Just over a month ago on July 24, 2014, Google released an update to their local algorithm dubbed Pigeon. When this algorithm was released Google started taking more traditional organic signals into consideration for the local ranking factors. Whenever there is a major algorithm update you can generally expect to see some crap results for […]

July 2014 Pigeon Local Search Update Analysis

**Updated 7/25/14 at 10:00AM Earlier yesterday I started to see results for a keyword I search regularly, “Denver SEO”. Typically this result only displays organic results and I haven’t seen a local result for this since September 2013 when Mike Blumenthal called out spammy queries after a major local update. Google was quick to tackle these spammy queries, […]

Be Great. Be Found. Giveaway

We’re Giving away a FREE SEO Website Audit + Consult! We are very excited to announce our first FREE SEO Website Audit + Consult Giveaway. We are going to give one organization or business’s website a completely free comprehensive audit and strategy to help them grow. We understand that it can be hard for some businesses […]

SEO Training Classes in Colorado

SEO has been a growing topic for many years now. Ever since people started realizing they can get more business from search engines, the popularity of SEO has skyrocketed. However one of the problems I see with the industry these days is the amount of incorrect information published on the web these days. If you […]

Ethical Gives Back | Project Angel Heart

  As any growing company and group of young adults, sometimes, we get a little caught up in the world of work and our daily routines. This week we took the time to break out of the routine and get out of the office and give back to the community.  Eight team members went to […]

2 Examples of Failed Buyer Persona Building; The Oscars and JC Penny

Two news articles caught my attention this morning. Two seemingly unrelated but yet connected stories. The first story was about Seth MacFarlane’s debut hosting the Oscars and the other about JC Penny’s struggles to grow its business. While Seth MacFarlane is widely regarded as smart and witty, the consensus is that his turn at hosting the […]

A Loss In Our Family

The staff at Ethical SEO Consulting is a family.  Unlike most work environments all of us are friends and even have lunch together almost every day. Since we are in each others lives we care deeply about each other and today I am writing about some tragic news. One of our SEO Experts, Frank Scharnell […]

10 SEO Industry All-Stars to Follow

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while now because I think it’s really useful for the DIY SEO as well as those who are new to the industry to have a one stop shop for finding the best industry leaders to follow. A big chuck of my knowledge of the industry has been accumulated by following the Tweets, blogs, […]

Link Building with Auto Embed Code Script

Courtesy of: Paddy Moogan The Ethical SEO team just got back from MozCon in the great city of Seattle, and we are excited to share some of the secrets we learned! In this post we’ll show you how to run a script (written by, Tom Anthony) which will cause embed code to be displayed whenever an image […]