Evergreen Web Content: What It Is, and How to Win

One of the questions that we hear a ton from webmasters at our SEO meetup group is about evergreen content and where it should live within their site’s architecture. Time and again I am surprised by the misconceptions surrounding the topic of evergreen content, so here I’d like to look at whatever evergreen content is, […]

Are Your URLs Search Engine Friendly?

First, what is a URL? A Url is a uniform resource locator. It is a human readable address for a webpage designed to replace the computer read IP addresses that consists of only numbers, and it displays in a browser’s address bar: This nifty feature allows for much more easy navigation on the web. In […]

What to Know About HTTPs Protocol for SEO

On August 6th, 2014  Google announced that HTTPs Protocol  is going to be used as a ranking signal. While this is a reason to pay attention to securing your website, it’s a small ranking signal only affecting fewer than 1% of search queries globally. So, don’t make this transition strictly for better rankings. You’ll likely […]

The End of Google Authorship: The Pros and Cons

A three year implementation of Google Authorship came to an end In late August of this year. If you’re confused about what authorship was and why it mattered, the previous link is a great place to start. Below, our team of SEOers have have shared their thoughts on the end of authorship, what it means […]

July 2014 Pigeon Local Search Update Analysis

**Updated 7/25/14 at 10:00AM Earlier yesterday I started to see results for a keyword I search regularly, “Denver SEO”. Typically this result only displays organic results and I haven’t seen a local result for this since September 2013 when Mike Blumenthal called out spammy queries after a major local update. Google was quick to tackle these spammy queries, […]

Do I need an SEO? Why?

There is a long list of articles questioning the use of the term SEO, and more agencies dropping the letters from their own brand. So much so that you may be thinking, do I even need SEO? As part of the marketing landscape, I understand the shaky legs that one may get while taking a […]

Questions that Help Define Your Content Strategy

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give a general SEO tip to share across our social media channels. I replied,“Be Useful!” My brevity was criticized, but I stand behind the simple statement. My Father, and baseball coach while growing up, continually harped on “Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals!” He would holler nearly all practice long, […]

Link Outreach No-Nos

The key to great link building is the outreach that comes with it. You have to be very careful in your wording and come up with a strategy to figure out the most effect way to achieve these links. Below I have listed several things not to do when you are executing your outreach. Whether […]

Ranking for a $100/Click Keyword in 3 Weeks: A Case Study

A few weeks back Casey posted a rant on the prevalence of low quality EMD websites in Google’s SERPs, and how they seem to be even more prevalent since Google’s supposed crack down on them last September. I decided to test just how easy it is to rank an EMD on the first page of […]

Did Google’s EMD Update Really Work? A Rant

In September 2012, Google launched an Exact Match Domain filter. According to Search Engine Land, the reason was to “prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply because they had words that match search terms in their domain names.” Before this update, many websites could easily rank for a keyword by purchasing a domain with […]

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