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WordPress Optimization: 10 Tips to Make Your WordPress Website Awesome

WordPress is the content management system (CMS) of choice for 60.3% of websites that use a CMS, and 21.9% of all websites on the web, according to W3 Technology Surveys. Of all WordPress users 98.4% use version 3.0 or higher.  A few notable websites that use WordPress are Time Magazine, Sony Music and Coca-Cola France. […]

How to Make Removing Crappy Links Less Crappy with Buzzstream

I hate penalty recovery work. There is just something terrible about idea of spending hours in the deepest, spam riddled, corners of the web, writing emails to the poor unsuspecting people who operate these sites, and still having little confidence that any of it will make anything better for the client. It makes me angry…and […]

Be Great. Be Found. Giveaway

We’re Giving away a FREE SEO Website Audit + Consult! We are very excited to announce our first FREE SEO Website Audit + Consult Giveaway. We are going to give one organization or business’s website a completely free comprehensive audit and strategy to help them grow. We understand that it can be hard for some businesses […]

Do I need an SEO? Why?

There is a long list of articles questioning the use of the term SEO, and more agencies dropping the letters from their own brand. So much so that you may be thinking, do I even need SEO? As part of the marketing landscape, I understand the shaky legs that one may get while taking a […]

Denver SEO Training & Classes

SEO has been a growing topic for many years now. Ever since people started realizing they can get more business from search engines, the popularity of SEO has skyrocketed. However one of the problems I see with the industry these days is the amount of incorrect information published on the web these days. If you […]

Community Calls: Sand Creek Regional Greenway Clean Up

Across a land battered by mother nature, a plague had spread – trash and debris had nearly overtaken the once-beautiful Sand Creek Regional Greenway. The walking path and recreation area, located in northeast Denver, was almost decimated during the historic Colorado floods of 2013. Last week, the Ethical SEO Consulting team set out to help […]

5 Tactics for Smarter Keyword Research

Keywords are at the heart of SEO. The marketer who uses creative ways to identify high-volume and low competition keywords will beat out the marketer who plugs keyword into Google Keyword Planner and chooses the ones with the greatest search volume every time. Here, we’ll discuss the right way to think about choosing keywords, and […]

Promoting Web Content with Google+ Communities

In this post we’re going to examine Google+ Communities and how we can leverage them to get our online content in front of the right people (shit, any people would be nice, right?). Let’s go! What the eff is a Community in Google+? Google+ Communities are Google’s version of a group or forum, built to bring […]

Questions that Help Define Your Content Strategy

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give a general SEO tip to share across our social media channels. I replied,“Be Useful!” My brevity was criticized, but I stand behind the simple statement. My Father, and baseball coach while growing up, continually harped on “Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals!” He would holler nearly all practice long, […]

Tips on Promoting your Social Platforms

Having social profiles that are optimized and full of great content is one thing, but getting them shared with your consumers is another. As a Social Media Director and Manager that is a question I get a lot from clients, “What can I do to promote these profiles?”. As a result I have come up […]

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