We LOVE Local Search Marketing

We are local SEO nuts. As a small business, we have seen first hand what an effective local internet marketing strategy can achieve. Today’s local search ecosystem is more dynamic and complicated than ever, and as a small business owner, you have enough on your plate with out having to worry about the Google’s shift from Google Places to Google+ Local to Google My Business, or managing the consistency of your businesses data across the web. This is where Ethical SEO Consulting comes in. By entering into local internet marketing partnership with us, your business will grow.

We offer several services that can help boost your local presence

1. Comprehensive Local SEO Audit & Strategy Development
2. Hourly Consulting Services
3. Custom Projects

Traditional Local Search Results

Traditional local search results are returned when search engines determine that a given search query has local intent, and are indicated in Google with the upside down tear drop. These results show local businesses’ Google+ Local listings. For example:

local search marketing traditional Local Search Marketing

Localized Organic Search Results

With the implementation of the Venice update, the way Google determines relevance when terms with local intent are searched, fundamentally changed. Today, with proper local optimization, local business websites can rank highly in Google for universal search terms with local intent. We have traced the impact of the Venice update from the beginning, and have been able to help clients across verticals by implementing specific local optimization techniques to achieve ranking success in these localized organic search results. These results have had a major impact on the SEO KPI’s for service industry businesses such as law firms, IT service agencies, or screen printers:

local search marketing localized organic Local Search Marketing

Local Ecosystem Optimization and Consistency

The online conversion funnel for local businesses is becoming more complex every day. In 2012 and moving forward, high local search rankings are only part of the equation for achieving local dominance in your vertical. The importance of brand consistency and reputation across the local search ecosystem will continue to grow as user behavior becomes more and more complex. As a business owner, you simply don’t have time to keep up with the labor required to ensure consistency and optimization of your businesses listing across the web. We do.

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