Given the importance social media now has in business, marketing, and SEO, companies today must master new marketing tools and strategies. They must consistently launch innovative and engaging content to keep internet users engaged 24/7, 365 days a year. This is a huge and often overwhelming challenge for those unfamiliar with effective strategies of social media marketing.

Enter GoSocial! GoSocial is a cost-effective, expertly-managed solution that assists organizations in maximizing the impact of social media, generating brand recognition, and increasing followers and potential participants.

go social Social Media Marketing Services

Ethical SEO Consulting has partnered with GoSocial to offer social media marketing services for our clients.

For more information about GoSocial, and to discuss which services would work best for your social media needs, contact their team today.

GoSocial will:

  • Save you up to 49% per year on social media costs*
  • Increase your fan base and user interactions on all of your social media platforms
  • Provide and execute innovative strategy and campaign ideas
  • Amplify your online presence and website traffic with minimal investment
  • Work to increase the number of referrals and overall participants for your organization
  • Deliver comprehensive reports on your social media growth
  • Take your Ethical SEO Audit suggestions into account

GoSocial has several levels of service to fit the needs of your company. We are confident that through comprehensive management or consulting, GoSocial will benefit your social media efforts.

All GoSocial packages include the following:

  • Consultation with a GoSocial Community Manager to assess your current social media presence and establish expectations
  • Full set-up and management of included channels
  • Customized social media image designs
  • Consistent monitoring and spam removal
  • Continuous content development
  • Monthly strategy meetings
  • Monthly and quarterly reports

*On average, a part-time employee will cost you $15,600 USD** per year. Get comprehensive social media management from GoSocial for as little as $8,000 USD per year. That’s a savings of 49%.

**Calculated assuming 30 hours per week at $10 USD per hour. Does NOT include time spent training employee, turnover costs, etc.