Local SEO News For August 8th

Results for the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey are in! Along with a new look for Google Places for Business. Check out my video to keep updated on the ever changing Local SEO news.

Video Transcript:

Welcome, everybody, to another edition of the Local SEO News here. I’m your host, Casey Meraz. In about 60 seconds we’re going to talk about what’s changed this week in local SEO.

First of all, David Mihm released the 2013 Local SEO Ranking Factors. Thankfully, I was able to participate in that survey as well. About 35 people got together and we talked about what were the best and most influential ranking factors for local. Some of the highlights of that now include: a physical address in the city of the search; proper category associations are still huge; consistent high quality citations from sources that are authoritative, trustworthy, and industry relevant; as well as your NAP information featured clearly on your website; your location is your keyword and title tagged in headlines; and reviews on Google and third party sites are all very important. Those were some of the major factors of the 2013 Local Ranking Factors, but go on over to Moz.com and take a look at that to see what’s changed.

Another change this week is Google+ is now rolling out review distribution charts for your G+ page where now you can see the number of reviews – five star, four star, three star, etc. – in an easy to see graph. This is a new test that was noticed this week.

Lastly, there’s an update to last week where we talked about the call out boxes we’re seeing in Google+ here, but basically there are now some screen shots out that highlight the site links that display on branded local searches with kind of a card-like outline. That’s new, and this is just something that still looks like that they’re testing. So we’ll have to see how that develops in the future.

That’s it for Local SEO News this week. Hope you have a great week, and we’ll see you next week.

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