Apple Introduces Maps Connect: Manage Your Listing

Today Apple came out with some really cool news that will put some people’s frustrations with Apple maps aside. If you have ever had to try to get a new business listed on Apple Maps you may have previously had to jump through some hoops and then hurry up and wait until you showed up. The good news is that for those who want to get listed on Apple Maps, your journey has gotten a lot less painful. Today Apple introduced Map Connect a self service business listing portal.

Maps Small Business

According to an article from Search Engine Land “The service is free and the listings (or corrected listings) appear on Apple Maps on the PC and in mobile.” . Also, according to Apple “You can use this site to add or edit the business information that is displayed Apple Maps.” (Apple). In a nutshell this means that there is now an official way you can manage your business information directly via Apple. According to Apple these updates will go live within a week unless they require additional verification from their team. I read through their help document as well as went through the process and this is what  I found. 

Who is allowed to edit information?

According to the help section on the new service anyone who is authorized to edit information about their business is allowed to edit business details. This could be an owner, a manager, or someone else.

What about Multi Location Businesses?

If you are a multi location business with 100 or more locations you will need to contact Apple directly although they do provide an email address to contact them directly.

How the Verification Process Works

Like other listings they require verification. Apple does this via telephone verification with a PIN number. I haven’t had too much time to play with this yet but it may pose a problem for businesses that have an auto attendant where they can’t enter a pin right away.

How to Use The Service to Claim or Add a Business

Below I have outlined how you can use the Maps connect service where you can claim or add a new business.

Start By Logging In

Apple maps connect login screen

Search for your Business

    • Once you’re logged in you can easily search to see if your business already exists or not in the Apple maps ecosystem. To search simple put in the business name and postal code.

      Is the business already listed

Select the appropriate option

    • If your business is already listed you will see it listed. If not there is an option to add a new business. You can see the example below.

      Business listing

Claim Your Listing

    • Once you see the listing you want to claim you can simply click on the claim this business button to claim it. It will ask you to verify your relationship as well as the NAP information on the page. You can see the example I got below:
      Claim a business

Verify Your Listing

You Can Now Manage Your Listing


This is a great addition

All in all this is a great addition by Apple and will help solve a lot of problems business owners face getting listed. Although I have yet to verify a new listing completely I am running a test now and hope to have an update once it goes live on Apple Maps. If your clients are not already listed on Apple Maps or the NAP is not correct you now have an easier solution to fix these issues.