Shades of Gray Tactical is a mostly internet based web store that sells to military and law enforcement as well as civilians. The store sells tactical apparel,  accessories,  tools and gear. They are building up to a retail shop to sell their goods locally as well as serving the United States.

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eCommerce Niche: Tactical, Survival and Law Enforcement Equipment.

Campaign Components: Organic SEO, On-site design, Maintenance and Optimization, Brand building, Online paid marketing management.

Time Frame: Dec 2011 – Present

Campaign Background

Shades of Gray Tactical(SOGT) came to us looking to help improve their web store and move it from one web platform to another. After we helped design and build their website and branding, we began pursuing building website authority and organic SEO to help for long term success. During their campaign we had many successes, however a bump in the road during the campaign with Google changing from their old Google base merchant service to a new one called Google Shopping. More information can be found with our post Google Shopping Affects Online Businesses. The transition of this model also excluded most of SOGT’s products due to Google Shopping’s updated guidelines. Google Shopping has many product exclusion from being listed, but this change affected how the consumer browsed and compared these products online. We quickly developed a strategy to recover the dramatic loss in traffic after being excluded from Google’s service. Today, they are very successful and have continued to build their brand as well as their own product line with success from their SEO efforts.


Strategy Implementation



Velcro Morale Patches – Exact Match 110 Local Monthly Searches
Sheepdog Patch – Exact Match 91 Local Monthly Searches
TerraLux TT 5 – (Specific Product Conversion) Exact Match 12 Monthly Local Searches
Guns and Coffee Shirt – (Specific Product conversion) Exact Match 28 Monthly Local Searches

Web Traffic