Comprehensive SEO Audit


Comprehensive-SEO-AuditOur comprehensive SEO audit is perfect for any business looking to both improve their ROI from the web in the short term, and get set on a path for long term SEO success. This product is particularly helpful for businesses with large, long-established sites. Our experts will manually review Google’s 200+ ranking factors and create a 25-30 page action plan & corresponding spreadsheet of items that need to be fixed, areas you can improve on, and how you can improve your search visibility moving forward.

comprehensive-seo-auditThe comprehensive SEO audit is delivered to you in the form of an easy to use PDF, usually containing between 25 and 35 pages of information. In addition to the specifics below, the audit also comes with 3 hours of consultation time with the consultant who performed your audit.

  • Technical Optimization Analysis: Examples include items like page load times, sitemap configuration, analysis of indexation issues, URL-based duplicate content etc.
  • Content Analysis: What are the target keywords? Are the important optimization elements on the site’s page properly optimized for them? Is there keyword cannibalism or duplicate content on the site?
  • Conversion Rate Analysis: How is the site currently performing in terms of conversion? What are the available conversion actions that visitors can take? Are calls to action clear and inspiring?
  • Inbound Links Analysis: What other sites are linking to yours? Are there any potentially risky links? Is the site suffering from a link-based Google penalty? Are there any mentions of the site which don’t link? What else can be done to earn links moving forward?
  • Competitive Research: Who are your top competitors and what are they doing that we can learn from?
  • Influencer Research: Who are the influencers in your space and how can we leverage their influence to benefit your site moving forward?

Once you purchase the comprehensive SEO Audit, one of our SEO consultants will send over a short form for you to fill out. This will provide us with the information that we need to get to started on your audit.

client-intakeThis includes access to:

We will also ask you to answer a few questions so that we can understand your law firm and your goals.

Those questions include:

  • What are your organization’s primary online marketing goals?
  • What are your priority geo-markets, if any?
  • What does your site’s SEO history look like?
  • To your knowledge, have any previous SEOs performed tactics against Google’s Quality Guidelines?

Included in the comprehensive SEO Audit is a 3 hour consultation with the SEO expert who performed your audit. If after this you need additional direction, we provide both a-la-cart SEO services, and monthly SEO packages, and will be happy to provide a customized quote for a longer-term engagement.