25 Email Lead Generation Tips From Social Media

How much do you rely on email for your marketing strategy? Of course, there are plenty of rumors announcing the decline of email marketing. Irrespective of such bogus and half-baked facts, email marketing, is still one of the most effective lead generating strategies.

According to a study conducted by ExactTarget in 2012, it was found that 77% of respondents liked to get offers through email while only 4% preferred Facebook as the primary communication channel for promotional materials.

In fact, another study pointed out that social media marketing tactics are 30% tougher to execute compared to email campaigns. Using email marketing doesn’t mean you divert focus from your social media activities. Social media is and will continue to be one of the best ways to create engagement.  So, you need to improve your workflow to incorporate both email and social media strategies.

How can it be done? Simply follow the given steps-

How To Generate Email Leads From Instagram

1) Posting Snaps

You can post photos of upcoming business events or ones that you have hosted. Also, you can post exclusive behind the scenes pictures. While you are promoting upcoming events, it is important to send traffic to the RSVP landing page. This ensures that customers get to reserve their spot through email.

2) Have A Contest

An interesting aspect of Instagram is that people like to share their photos. Now you can cater to this particular desire by having a cool photo contest on the website. With a contest specific or related hashtag, you can extend the searchability and reach of the campaign.


3) Geo-Tagging Updates

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is one of the best mobile social sharing sites. Nowadays, anyone with a phone can use Instagram wherever they are. Through geo-tagging, you can promote engagement and get more traffic through the email-gated landing pages and events.

4) Provide Email-Gated Coupons

Everyone loves getting good deals. Irrespective of which social media website you have sourced them from, deals and coupons attract and offer various perks to individuals. While you are promoting email-gated Instagram coupons, make sure to add authentic images, preferably of customers using and enjoying your products.

5) Concentrate On Customers

Instagram is an authentic and personal website. You can engage with your followers through various methods like sharing their photos, responding to their comments about your brand, and tagging their updates. Do you know that Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook and other social media platforms. As per the infographic “Social media services for business – a Factosocial 101 infographic” more than 60% of the users engage with their brand on Instagram as 90% of the famous brands have got Instagram accounts.  

Such measures will make you a responsive firm that knows the requirements of your audience present on the Instagram website. As soon as you develop a brand image, you must post email-gated content and slowly you will get better results.

How To Generate Email Leads From Pinterest?

1) Provide Exclusive Deals

Do you know that the most repinned content on Pinterest is deals and coupons? You can design coupons on your site and give them away at the cost of an email.

2) Design A ‘Free Stuff’ Board

You can create a ‘Free Stuff’ board and pin updates on it. This will link back to your email-gated site content. Through this method, interested individuals can get your content from a Pinterest search through the keywords you used in the pin descriptors.

3) Using Rich Pins

For enhancing your pins along with the real time update of your website, you can use Rich Pins. For example, the rich pin displays the price of the commodity, and this will get automatically updated when you make changes to your website. According to Pinterest, rich pins can help in increasing click-through rates.

4) Enticing Pinners Using Images

Unlike other social media websites, Pinterest is one of the most visual websites. So, while you are pinning links to email-gated content, you must make sure that it is appealing. Plus, it needs to connect with your audience. Whenever it is relevant, you can use lifestyle images like crafts, food and fashion.

5) Have A ‘Pin It To Win It’ Contest

You can create a ‘Pin It To Win It’ contest and direct all the entrants to the email-gated landing page of your website.

How To Generate Email Leads From Facebook?

1) Provide Email-Gated Discounts

Email generated discounts can provide immediate sales, coupon generating sharing, and also more email leads for your business. Furthermore, you can host coupons and group coupons directly on your Facebook page. This is done to get more engagement and leads for your email marketing promotions.

2) Have Sweepstakes

You can host Facebook contests and email-gated Facebook sweepstakes to get more leads and build an enormous amount of excitement about your brand. There are various contests on Facebook, and you can use them to entice and interact with prospective clients. Such sweepstakes will, later on, spread to the friends of fans and thereby increase your targeted lead generation.

3) Create A Newsletter Sign-Up

You can create a customized newsletter tab on the Facebook page of your firm. This makes it easy for your fans to get letters from you. With these newsletters you can provide exclusive offers, making it quite enticing.

4) Adding Links To Email-Gated Pages

You can add links to email-gated content on Facebook. Also, if you have an exclusive deal, webinar or ebook, you can directly contact your fans. This is done by directing them to the email-gated page present on your site.

5) Hosting Facebook Events

Try to use your email-gated landing pages as RSVP’s to an online or live event. You mustn’t use the Facebook’s event RSVP app, as it will not provide the email lead generation options. Ensure that it is an enticing and exclusive event which provides new leads to various brands.

How To Generate Email Leads From Google+

1) Join And Engage With Communities

You need to find communities on Google+ which are related to your particular business niche. Join and engage with them until you establish your reputation and credibility. When you have got the required status in the community, then share the links of your email-gated landing pages.

(Engaging With Communities)

2) Classifying Using Circles

There are some cool features present in Google+ for posting updates. For categorizing the connections you have, you can create Circles. The best thing about this is that you can use it to segment your updates easily.  So, you can craft targeted updates for specific circles. This is done to drive traffic to email-gated content.

3) Set up Email-Gated Google+ Hangouts

Creating an interactive video chat on Google Hangouts is easy. First, create a landing page for viewers and participants to RSVP. Once this is done, you need to gather these emails so that you can continue the lead nurturing process.

4) Get Email leads Using Coupons

You can design a coupon campaign for your brick and mortar or e-commerce store. First, you need to post links to group coupons or your coupons present on the G+ page. Then you must update it and post it in the ‘Customer Circles’. Make sure to use hashtags and post it to all the relevant communities.

5) Have Contests On Your Site

Here you will be posting updates along with links to email-gated contests like vote, essay and photo contests on the Google+ page. Make sure to employ enticing pictures which show the prize, and also add brief details about the competition. You can even use hashtags like #contest and post it to all the relevant communities.

How To Generate Email Leads From Twitter

1) Link Your Bio To Email-Gated Landing Pages

Various businesses often miss out this attractive opportunity. You can update your Twitter bio and add a clickable link to the most relevant page of your website. Try to create an enticing CTA (call to action) so that you can improve your click-through rates.

2) Have An Email-Gated Competition

You can have a contest on Twitter like a photo contest, vote contest or a video contest. Also, you can provide exciting prizes to entice participants. Try to gain leads by making email as the field of the entry.

3) Opt For Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Just like how you get emails from the landing pages of your website, you can use the Lead Generation Cards of Twitter. One important thing to keep in mind is that these cards were introduced in 2013, and they are getting mixed responses. Some firms adore them while there are others that don’t like them.

4) Entice Followers With Coupons

You can host your business coupons directly on Twitter. Also, you can email-gate the coupons so that you can get leads from consumers who are interested.

5) Add Links To Email-Gated Content

Add content to your website which you give for free. For example, you can upload industry related Ebooks, informative webinars, or compile product tips in PDF format. This allows individuals to download the content at the cost of an email. You can post updates on Twitter regarding this and even use some appropriate hashtags to popularize it.

Wrapping Up

Social media can be one of the best methods to gain leads. Along with email marketing, you can foster relationships with customers.

But keep in mind that you must first gain knowledge on how to market on each of the websites. Generating attractive leads from email-gated content and reaching lead generation targets is easy once you understand each of these platforms.

Author Bio:

Susan Smith is a writer at iDigic who mostly handles content related to social media marketing and using the social media platform to leverage brand awareness.