We hold ourselves accountable for achieving sustained success for all of our clients.
We guarantee you will be happy with our results

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Customer Testimonial: Shades of Gray Tactical

Authentic Brazillian Jiu Jitsu – Local SEO

Fox Airsoft – Local SEO & eCommerce SEO

Some of the Happy Ethical SEO Consulting Clients


We hold ourselves accountable for achieving sustained success for all of our clients.

Below are some examples of the success we have achieved for our amazing clients. We hope to one day add your story to this list.

Happy Ecommerce Clients

Fox Airsoft, LLC

“Since hiring Ethical SEO Consulting our web store has tripled our online sales in just a few months”

– Jarrod D.


Cornerstone Hearing Centers

“I hired Casey to help generate more appointments and leads for my hearing center. After just a few weeks the calls started coming in and now I couldn’t be happier!”

– Kaitlin M.


Dust Bunnies, LLC

“I hired Ethical SEO about 3 weeks ago and I have already gotten 7 new customers. When I search for my industry on google I am right at the top and its not even been a month. The best part is that they are getting me organic leads. They exceeded my expectations and I will continue to use them. They are the best at what they do and if you are not using them you should be.”

Thanks again Ethical SEO!
– Melissa G.


Aspen Valley Lawn, Inc.

“I came to Casey, owner of Ethical SEO Consulting first because I had been burned so many times using so-called SEO Marketing experts and second because I knew Casey personally as a friend. I had a “out the door” loyalty knowing him personally and I wanted to see if he could do something for me. My business/industry type is so over-saturated and I have spent so much of my budget trying to drive customers to our services. Online traffic is very important and I knew this fact. I had gone to multiple seminars thinking I would put SEO into action, but after attending these classes I only realized it took more time and energy than I could or should devote to working online to generate customer.

Let me get to the point, these guys are for real. I have referred one other company to Ethical SEO and they have had similar results! Its all about value, especially if you are in a saturated business type and don’t have money to waste. Since being with Casey and Ethical SEO I have said bye-bye to many of my other marketing companies. I no longer waste money in the phone books I shut off my newspaper ads (although they were generating pretty well), I closed accounts with 4 other so-called SEO companies (with many more that I had shutdown in the past), and I eliminated my need for a web designer, and I no longer have to have my office assistant work on a Facebook account that we had, or write articles for that matter. I don’t typically give these testimonials and I don’t want to sound like a infomercial, but this is the real deal in my book. These guys have made my marketing dollar stretch much farther and they make it much simpler for me because I can put my marketing in their hands. By the way, its only been one year and my website is consistently on the first page (it didn’t take a year for them to get me on top), and not to sound like a broken record, but, again in an over-saturated market type.

Several other things I will point out: weekly I get a personable email from the same staff member, who sends me easy to understand and relevant reports, and I can either call and talk to her, or email and I always get a response. Second, I provide many different services in my industry, they change with the season, and we service many different cities in the Denver Metro area. So, its not easy to market us online. Whenever the season changes Ethical SEO makes sure to change marketing to focus on the new services. They blog for me with new seasonal updates, the keep the site and all of the other sites they manage for us dynamically changing… Ethical SEO is hired for life in my books. I hope Casey and his staff stay around for many years to come because they are worth every penny.”

– Joe C.