Thanks for your interest in us. Even though talking about ourselves makes us feel super awkward, we’re glad you’re here.

Ethical SEO Consulting is a group of four (5) people who really, really love SEO. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes gain more customers by developing and executing effective SEO strategies. To gain an understanding of the specific solutions we offer, please click here.

So who are those four people? They’re Casey, Matt, Frank, Leann, and Dillon:

The Consultants

Matt Green


Frank Scharnell


Leann Pickard

Dillon Brickhouse

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help more businesses reach their online marketing goals by providing the best actionable SEO Advice, training , services and strategies for our clients and the industry while delivering the best customer experience from start to end.

Why “Ethical”?

The SEO industry has been around ever since people realized that there was a silly amount of money to be made by optimizing websites for search engines. Since the early search engines were primitive, it was incredibly easy to manipulate them in order to gain high rankings for big time keywords. SEO tactics that are meant to manipulate search engines have been come to be called “spam tactics”.

Because it was so easy to gain high rankings in the early days of SEO, thousands of “fly-by-night” SEO companies popped up, and started aggressively hounding business owners, promising “first page rankings” for a monthly fee. The business owner, knowing that he wanted first page rankings, would agree, and the spammy SEO company would spam his site to the top.

But then something happened; the search engines got more sophisticated. Spam tactics stopped working, and Google even started penalizing websites that engaged in spammy SEO tactics.

Long story short, the history of SEO is marred with unethical companies. We’re not one of them. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients say about us on Google+ and Meetup. If you are interested in engaging in a SEO campaign, we are happy to provide client references and case studies as well.

Bragging Rights