Top Legal Directories for 2020

One of the essential cornerstones to any legal website’s SEO strategy is citations and backlinks in Google. These placements in search give your site traffic and some domain authority, but it’s mostly important to build citations back to your legal website.

These citations in legal directories include the name of your business, address, website URL, and phone number, as well as other information about your law firm and field.

Most legal directories help you earn more placements in Google search results. However, not all legal directories are created equal, and there are some that you should avoid if you find their website to be too “scammy” or riddled with ads.

We’ll show you the key points to using legal directories and how you can set up your citations to boost your website’s SEO easily.

What are Legal Directories?

A legal directory is simply a site that lists law firms and other legal websites for people to find. These work much like a “Yellow Pages for Law Firms.”

Typically, these directories have multiple categories, badges, and other features that help people discern what law firm they should pick. In other cases, directories may also have review capabilities.

Today’s directories are eager to sign up new law firms and other legal counseling businesses, and that’s just the problem. Not all of them are reputable. We’ll show you how to spot the good legal directories below.

Some are free, but many reputable directories require law firms to pay an annual fee that can range between $9/year to $500+/month. It varies depending on the website and value of their listings.

Why Are Legal Directories Important For SEO?

Legal directories are important for SEO because of citations or the profiles you create for your law firm. These build up in search results and add to your ranking signals as crucial backlinks.

While the backlink is only valuable if on a highly-ranking legal directory, people use all kinds of legal directories to find law firms and attorneys to work with.

Legal directories also verify your law firm’s name, address, phone, and website URL. You may also get accolades and badges that you can use to post on your website as trust symbols as well.

Simply put, placing your law firm in reputable legal directories tells Google that you should likely rank for a multitude of legal keywords, which can help your overall traffic and domain authority.

What Information is Typically Included in a Legal Directory Listing?

When you create a listing on any directory, you’re really creating a citation or mention of business name, address, and phone number (NAP). However, this is just your basic law firm information. Most directories allow you to add all kinds of information, such as:

If possible, you should include your top keywords naturally in your citations. For example, you may want to use “criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles” for a location keyword. There are also specific state legal directories that make this easier to rank for locally for law firms.

How Do You Spot a Bad Legal Directory?

Bad legal directories have the same “old internet” look with pop-up ads, blinking text, and difficult navigation. Instead of trying to spot bad legal directories, just remember these characters of good legal directories:


Not every legal directory allows you to add your website URL, and if they do, you should check to see if it’s a “nofollow” link. You can update your profile, then right-click and view source. Hit CTRL+F to open find and search “nofollow” to see if your link has been blocked.

Domain Authority of the Directory

The best sites for referrals and citations have actual website traffic. Meaning that they will generate referral traffic. 

Keyword Rankings

You can also look at the volume of keyword placements on the directory site. If you find that a site has 100,000 legal keywords, then it’s safe to assume that the site receives tons of traffic over a legal site with only 20,000 keywords. You can check site’s keywords with tools like SEMrush, Keywords Everywhere, and Moz.

Paid vs. Free Legal Directories

You don’t want to pay any fees to list your citations unless the directory is highly reputable and within your field. If the directory is one that is guaranteed to bring you business, then you may want to pay. However, we’ve seen some ridiculous fees of over $500/month to $1000/year. You shouldn’t have to pay so much just to list your website on another website.

Where Should You List Your Law Firm Online?

We have a list of reputable legal directories that also have pretty high domain authority.

These include:

You may also want to look into directories that are specifically for your field. For example, there are many personal injury directories, such as Enjuris or even However, these often have higher costs just trying to list a citation.

What’s Next for Your Law Firm SEO?

If you need help with your law firm’s search performance, don’t hesitate to ask questions and get advice from the experts. We’re here to make it easy for your site to rank.

Name of directoryURLSubmission LinkPrice
42 Lawyers
A Local Attorney
Accident Lawyer Directory
All Good Lawyers$50.00
Alpha Legal
American Institute of Legal Counsel$345
AP Lawyers$97
Attorney Help
Attorney Lawyer Listattorneylawyerlist.com
Attorney Pages$69
Bankruptcy Attorney Directory$20
Best Attorneys Rankings
Best Lawyers
Bicycle Accident Lawyer$20
Car Accident Lawyer Directory$20
Chambers and Partners
Criminal Attorney & Lawyer Directory$20
Criminal Law
Directory Legal
Directory USA Lawyers$30
Divorce Attorney Directory$20
Divorce HQ
Dog Bite Lawyer$20
Domestic Violence Attorney Dir$20
Dont Do Time
Explore Lawyers
Family Attorney Directory$20
Find a Bankruptcy Attorney
Find A CarAccident Attorney
Find a Christian Law Firm
Find a criminal Defense Attorney
Find a DUI/DWI Attorney
Find a Family Law Attorney
Find a Lawyer
Find a Medical Malpractice Attorney
Find A Personal Injury Attorney
Find US Lawyers
Gay Law Net
General Bar
Get Legal$400
Help Lawyer
Hire Me Legal
I Law Connect
Injury Attorney Directoryinjuryattorneydir.com$20
Injury Lawyer Directory$20
IP Attorneys
Juris Office
Just Great Lawyers
Justice Finder$30
Law Father Law Center
Law Firm Directory$10
Law Firm Review
Law Firms Lawyers US Legal Directory
Law Guru
Law Link
Law Referral Connect
Law Service Directory
Law World Wide
Law Zam
Lawyer Landhttps://www.lawyerland.com$15
Lawyer Legion
Lawyer Next
Lawyer Profile$24
Lawyers Attorneys Guide
Lawyers Directory USA$25
Lawyers Nearby Me
Lawyers of Distinction
Lead Counsel
Leading Lawyers
Legal Advice
Legal Directories
Legal Fee Financing
Legal Listings
Legal Match
Legal Pointer
Legal Reach
Legal Services Link
Lista Legal
Local Attorneys
Mediating Lawyers
Medical Malpractice Lawyer$20
More Law
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Directory$20
My Legal Practice
Path Legal
Personal Injury Law Guruhttps://www.personalinjurylaw.guru
Personal Injury Wariors$30
Product Liability Lawyer Directory$20
Rank Legal$2
Review Your Attorney
Search Attorney
Slip and Fall Lawyer Directory$20
Super Lawyershttps://www.superlawyers.com
The Attorney Directory
The Lawyer Directory
Top Attorney Directory
Top Lawyer Seeker
Top Lawyers
Town Court
Truck Accident Lawyer Directory$20
USA Attorney Network$200
USA Attorneys
Who’s Who Legal
Workplace Accident Lawyer Directory$20
Wrongful Death Attorney Directory$20