Follow vs No Follow Links

Followed Links versus Non Followed Links

No Follow vs Follow LinksIn the SEO world, one of the biggest debates is the followed links vs no follow links. While some say these are the key component, others say it doesn’t matter whatsoever. The question is, who is right?

Followed Links

Those who believe only in followed links believe that in terms of SEO value, Google should only count followed links. Any link that is a no follow has a direct and clear instruction telling such search engines to ignore it.

Non Followed Links

On the other side, some believe that no follow links actually provide some sort of link benefit. They believe it can result in referral traffic from people clicking through no follow links. An example of useful non followed links are blog comments. With the majority of blogs being no follow links to discourage comment spam, approved comments on popular blog sites can deliver hundreds of visitors in a short amount of time.

The Perfect Balance

All together, there isn’t much evidence to either side of the argument. When it comes to SEO, almost everything is an inexact science. Each SEO specialist is different. What may work for one, might not necessarily work for you. As a SEO specialist, you should always take a balanced approach to link building when it comes to non followed and followed links.

Building a number of quality, follow links allows your website to raise its search engine rankings. Once you’ve done that, start building a few no follow links from blog commenting, forums, and other places that will refer you high traffic.

In the end, it’s pretty simple. Followed links provide better content for your website. However, no follow links can often be helpful in generating traffic levels. It’s always good to balance out your non followed and followed links. They can both be beneficial to you and your website.