Keyword research is at the core of SEO. Without understanding the keywords that your potential customers are using, you cannot run a successful SEO campaign.

Producing great content which is optimized for those keywords is equally critical. This section of the site provides all of the resources you need to understand how to find the best keywords to target so that you can produce content that deserves to rank highly for those keywords.

The 3 Best Keyword Research Resources from Around the Web

Backlinko’s Definitive Guide to Keyword Research: A really nice, free, and in-depth resource from Brian Dean. Great for newbies and SEO vets alike.

Moz Blog’s Keyword Research Category: Moz is THE SEO blog, and accordingly, their “keyword research” category is filled with hundreds of posts on the topic from some of the best minds in SEO.

Nick Eubanks’ “Master Keyword Research in 7 Days” Course (Paid): Full disclosure: we have not yet done this course, but based on the reputation of Nick Eubanks in the industry, and the positive feedback the product has received, there is no reason for us to doubt its quality.

The 2 Best Most Critical Keyword Research Tools

Google’ Keyword Planner: This is Google’s free tool to help its Advertisers choose the keywords to bid on. It’s clunky and the estimates are often off, but hey, its data straight from Google so you have to at least give it a look.

Google’s Search Engine: There is no more valuable tool for keyword research than Google.

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