How to be Successful at Building Quality Content

As far as chasing the quality content that is so often spoken in SEO, it actually isn’t as hard as it may seem to be, though no one has a very specific “do this” type of answer. That is mostly because the “do this” kind of answer doesn’t exist. There are a number of great ways to go about building content and sharing content but there isn’t just one answer for this question. There are thousands upon thousands of great ideas for quality content, but these are some tips to really do this with greater success. So I am going to outline a few points to use while building your quality content and how to implement it. There are really three main things I want to touch on which is expertise, consistency and maybe most importantly audience.


Our Own SEO All StarEasily one of the most important factors of building quality content is having good information that is useful and entertaining. One of the best ways to produce this type of content is to have a passion and knowledge of the subject that you’re building content for. From a consultant role this can be simply generating ideas and talking with your clients to come up with niche specific news and topics. However, I know that many clients just don’t have the time or the ability to set aside everything for a marketing campaign which is where SEOs come in. Playing off the expertise of what we can learn and immerse ourselves with our clients is very important, this builds a strength for the subject and our own knowledge that can be aided by our clients personal expertise. As an example our own Matt Green is a huge baseball fan and is extremely passionate about SEO.  For this reason he played off of his strengths and developed a great piece of content that ties these two topics together(found at 10 SEO Industry All Stars). So for content ideas, play off of your personal strengths. Use your knowledge and understanding of a subject to develop great content that isn’t just a post or movie but is a great resource.


Where many marketing campaigns fail is in being persistent and consistent. Typically the ROI of a content building campaign won’t show until long after the content is built. Sometimes you can get awesome content into the right hands and you might have some trending towards the content but these pieces of content should be complemented by the rest of the campaign. Many blogs and resources fail due to not being kept up and active, so be consistent in building good content and to stick with the baseball theme “if you build it they will come” -Field of Dreams. That right and when you start building and audience an expectation for the great content you don’t want to just stop because you will lose you momentum you have worked so hard for. Great content doesn’t just happen overnight, and neither does a following so keep at it and be consistent on building great high quality content people actually want to read and view.


Connecting the two above topics, expertise and consistency, to the third and potential most important topic of the audience. Who are you targeting with your content? In what way should the content be seen and understood? These are extremely important questions to answer when creating your content, sharing your content and ultimately answering the question that really matter, what is quality content? Simple this is content that matters, that people want to view share, learn from and most importantly take something away from. So you need to consider your audience, are you giving them a bit of laughter to walk away with, maybe a tech tip. No matter the end result you have a specific audience a target demographic. Build your content for the people who can relate to it, who are looking for it and who want to know. Your expertise will help develop what and to whom you want to target. Your consistency should help build your audience and follower ship in addition to the expectation that your audience will receive good quality content.

No Wrong Answers, Just Low Quality Ones

The success of quality content is entirely in your hands, it isn’t an overnight process and it may be frustrating at many points in a campaign, but it will pay off. Take the time to use all three topics and you should have a well developed and solid authority built on your own subject. There is no specific answer to building “quality content” because the only limits to the ideas you can produce are you. Just remember to be consistent, work off of your expertise and consider your audience.