Easily maintained and Installed

  • WordPress can be easily installed without any difficulties or complications. This Content Management System (CMS) helps you when uploading your own content. You do not need to know the HTML language to maintain your site. The WordPress panel allows you to edit your own site with ease.

Easy to customize

  • WordPress comes with many templates to choose from that are (relatively) easy to change out. You can also customize your template if you have something specific in mind for the look of your website.


  • WordPress has comment features, so readers and consumers can easily visit and comment on your content. You can also decide to reply as you like. This helps to build your online community and allows your customers to speak their mind. You can also categorize your posts and maintain a more organized website that allows ease of use for your consumers.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

  • On a WordPress site, creating a blog is much easier than many other CMS platforms or an HTML website. Blogging is critical for organic search success, so why not make it easy and scalable? In WordPress, the code is always updated. If your code is not updated, you may be penalized.
  • URLs can be customized. WordPress allows you to define the structure of your URLs and edit the links. This makes URLs user friendly by stating the topic of the page it is leading to. This also makes them SEO friendly because you can use keywords in the URL, which influences rankings as well.
  • WordPress has a built-in function called ping. This means that as soon as you write a new post or add new content, the ping informs search engines that the website has been updated and it should be crawled. This will help get your new posts or content visible on the web quickly.
  • WordPress also allows you to title your images or give them alternate text. If you include your keywords to those images, it can be beneficial for SEO purposes.
January 23, 2013 | WordPress Optimization

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