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Search Engine Optimization can seem like a complicated mess. We hope to clear up the confusion by providing everything that we know about SEO for free, here, just for you. Now, you can know what we know. If you are ever having trouble with a certain concept, or would like advice with a certain part of your project, contact us. We are here to help. Please note that all Attorney SEO Services are run through our sister company Juris Digital based out of Denver, Colorado.


What Our Clients Say

They’ve proven their knowledge of legitimate SEO techniques, and they’ve improved the bottom line value that I get from my websites. They have awesome client service. They do what they say, when they promise, and they follow up to show that it was done.
Andrew Flusche, Esq.

As soon as Ethical SEO started working on the website, things changed. More people were coming through the doors, more people were calling, and we had more scheduled visits than any time in the past 2 years.
Mike McQuinn, Assisted Living Littleton CO

Unlike most consultancies, where you have to buy before you try, with EthicalSEO, you need only invest 90 minutes in a Meetup to get a precise feel for their communication style, approach, empathy level and expertise. I Highly recommend Ethical SEO Consulting.
Bob Nevans

What We Do

  • SEO Basics

    Learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization.

    Get Started
  • Auditing

    Learn how to audit your site to discover common SEO issues.

    Audit Away
  • On-site Optimization

    Explore everything about on-site optimization and rank better.

    Get Optimal
  • Keywords

    Learn how to perform smart keyword research and produce great content.

    Start Creating
  • Local SEO

    Learn how to rank well in search results for local keywords.

    Think Local
  • WordPress

    Discover what you need to know to get the most out of WordPress.

    Get Nerdy
  • Penalty Recovery

    Smacked by Google? Learn how to escape the penalty box.

    Break Free

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