You Can’t Go It Alone On Content: How To Use BlogMutt To Power Your Blog

You probably don’t know us, and probably can only get a vague sense of who we are from the name ‘BlogMutt’. What you can logically discern is that we work on blogs, and that we aren’t sticklers when it comes to purebred dog breeds.

What you maybe can’t discern on sight is that we’ve been empowering small-business underdogs to compete with the content Goliaths in their industries since 2011 by solving three big content marketing challenges:

  1. No reliable, cost-effective writers with industry expertise or local know-how to write
  2. Uncertainty on how to tap in and get started or begin reaping the SEO/ROI benefits
  3. No time to do it, much less do it well

Here’s the spiel. We’re BlogMutt, a content writing service that gets the writing done that you almost certainly don’t have the time to do as a small business owner/wearer of many hats. Your time is literally money, and if you can be troubleshooting challenges with employees, meeting with clients, or strategizing about further growth, rather than writing a short blog post to keep your digital marketing humming, you are.

You may actually be a good writer. And heck, you might be able to knock out a 600-word piece of writing on your industry in no time flat. But…what if you didn’t have to, week after week? What if knocking out a blog post was on someone else’s plate entirely to fuel your marketing machine without massive amounts of input by you? Sounds downright…magical.

Here’s where BlogMutt’s network of 3,000+ talented, U.S.-based writers come in, and we’ll dig into how the system can work for you in the rest of this post. We’re excited to kick off our new partnership with Ethical SEO Consulting, so without further ado, here’s a taste of how and why our interface, network of writers, and method of content development works.

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Why does blogging still matter?

Since it’s been a couple of decades since the very first blogs hit the internet, there are some arguments floating around about how blogging is going away, or that at the very least, it can feel antiquated.

But! The fact of the matter is–and we can say this as a blogging company–that the proof is in the pudding. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it–blogging has been, and still is, the cornerstone of an effective digital marketing strategy for businesses.

In investing in this foundational component of your website and digital presence, you steer and direct almost every other component of your content strategy successfully:

And in talking with Ethical SEO Consulting, you probably know that content that converts is useful content, above all. We couldn’t agree more. Which is where the BlogMutt network comes in.

Here’s Why BlogMutt Works

When you bring together a network of 3,000+ writers looking for flexible, freelance writing opportunities, businesses who are strapped for resources to effectively market through content, and an online service that streamlines the editing, payment, and deadline-adhering process and workflow, you get BlogMutt.

We start with your topics, tone/format information and specific requirements for your business, and then our writers get busy fulfilling your content needs, week after week, month after month.

A crowdsourced writing platform performs many of the responsibilities of the direct freelancer relationship for you at scale, including:

So what else does this unique solution enable? Glad you asked.

  1. Blog post idea generation: when you’re flat-out running out of ideas
  2. Scalability: when you’re looking to take your content strategy to the next level but don’t have the staff to do it
  3. Crowd learning: we’ll communicate to our network of writers your comments about what works and what doesn’t into inform the crafting of future posts
  4. Experience & location matching: writers all over the U.S. can write hyper-locally, and on a wide swath of industries and niches, which you may or may not get in a freelancer you find yourself
  5. Added selection options/variety: multiple submissions by different writers allow you greater choice and variety of content/perspectives/voices
  6. Hassle-free: we keep your strategy propelling forward and eliminate a lot of pick-up from blog post to blog post, lightening your whole marketing load and ongoing burden
  7. Cost-effective: self-explanatory 🙂

Here’s How BlogMutt Works

Now let’s dive into the nitty gritty. How does one get started?

1. Click this little button here.

It’d surprise you how often this trips people up. 🙂

2. Input essential business information & topics through signup.

This includes the objectives for the blog, your tone/voice/format preferences when it comes to blog posts, and any other essential pieces of the puzzle that your content writers definitely need to know to effectively ghostwrite for your company.

Then, you can specify needs on the topic level through the topics and their descriptions. BlogMutt is a garbage-in, garbage-out operation, so the more detail you can provide, the better! Great prompts to get the writers started in topic descriptions are other blog posts you’d like to emulate, resources to start out with, or even inputting an entire post outline to get the writer on the same page.

Check out other tips and best practices for topics in BlogMutt here.

3. Build your monthly BlogMutt plan that best suits your needs.

You’ve got three choices to make here:

  1. How many posts you need per month
  2. How long each post needs to be
  3. What additional services might you need for the posts?
    1. In addition to content, we can provide a copyrights-secured photo with each post (+Photo), SEO-optimize every post in your CMS and proofread (+Optimize), or assign you an account manager to oversee all content development in BlogMutt as an outsourced extension of your content team (BlogMutt Complete).

4. Decide which posts will work well for your blog by reviewing each post in full.

Once you submit your company information and topic preferences, the BlogMutt writers will get busy. You can typically expect them to turnaround your first post in 48-72 hours. (We’re not joking about how quick they are.)

From the queue, you can review each post in full to determine which one(s) will work best for your blog. That’s right–you don’t have to claim every post!

And for those that work well for you, you can trade a few rounds of edits with the writer if you need, or accept on the spot if it’s ready to go.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that some of the posts may have missed the mark based on your specifications. If this is the case, decline them! Declining posts is also a healthy part of the BlogMutt ecosystem and, paired with post reviews, essential to communicate to the writers exactly what does and does not work for you to inform future content generation efforts for your company. So be sure to prioritize inputting plenty of feedback, especially for the first couple of months, so we get better and better at understanding your needs and preferences.

5. Mark star writers as ‘preferred’ to keep working closely with them.

When you have gotten solid submissions from a few star writers, it feels like you’ve struck gold! To forge a closer relationship and indicate to them that you want to keep working with them closely, simply mark them as ‘preferred’ on their writer profile, which is a great source of information on the writer’s background as well.

6. If you’re running low on topic ideas, let your preferred writers pitch topic ideas to you.

You can only unlock this feature if you’ve preferred writers, but once you do, you’ll find those writers who understand your company best have plenty of fresh ideas to pitch for your blog.

Save yourself a little extra headache, racking your brain for new blog topic ideas.

For tons of other best practices and ways to use BlogMutt to its fullest potential, check out this essential blog post to curate your strongest crowd (plus, puppy pictures!): The Best Ways To Build Your Crowd Of Writers With BlogMutt

Customer Case Studies

We’ve got some impressive small business customers who have really enabled blogging (and outsourcing content to BlogMutt) to move the marketing needle for them.

Read up on their experiences here to see what aspects of their strategies you can implement yourself:


You may have some nagging questions still. Of course you do! Here are some great resources that can (hopefully!) help answer your every last whim:


Still have questions about content writing services for your business blog?

Contact us, or…submit for some past samples of the BlogMutt writers’ work in your industry. We’d be thrilled to get writing for you.