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As any growing company and group of young adults, sometimes, we get a little caught up in the world of work and our daily routines. This week we took the time to break out of the routine and get out of the office and give back to the community.  Eight team members went to Project Angel Heart to help make meals for children and adults battling life threatening illnesses.


Project Angel Heart was founded in 1991 and served 12 clients. Now, they are serving almost 2,000 clients and 445,581 meals a year! All the meals provided are “nutritious, free of charge, and specifically prepared to meet the nutritional needs of each individual client”. Their main goal is to provide “meals with love for men, women, and children living with life-threatening illness” and it was definitely apparent in our time their that the love, time and genuine concern for their clients was top priority. You can learn more about Project Angel Heart at their website:


As a team we were given three tasks (that we crushed!). Our first task was to individually wrap all of the freshly baked cookies, task number two was to scoop an apricot-rhubarb sauce into individual cups and lastly, label the soup that was going out in meals that week.  In typical Ethical SEO fashion things were made into competitions and critical thinking as to what labeling method was most effective was heavily discussed.


After we took off the aprons, gloves and hats our team was feeling accomplished and like we had helped make some difference, small or big in someone’s life. Working with the people at Project Angel Heart was a great experience and opened our eyes even more to how blessed we really are. Hopefully, we will be able to make this a more regular occurrence in the office! Not only because we looked so good in our aprons and hats but because working as a team and give back is a great feeling!