Spammers Keep Spamming Local Listings

Warning: This is mostly just a rant If there is one thing I’ve learned over and over again in SEO it’s that spammers will keep on spamming. Back in July 2014 after the Pigeon update one of the first things I noticed was the affect that link authority seemed to have on local results. Since […]

Apple Introduces Maps Connect: Manage Your Listing

Today Apple came out with some really cool news that will put some people’s frustrations with Apple maps aside. If you have ever had to try to get a new business listed on Apple Maps you may have previously had to jump through some hoops and then hurry up and wait until you showed up. […]

Yext Duplicate Suppression Analysis

In the local SEO game having consistent, accurate, and singular citations is essential to the success of your local SEO campaign. Removing duplicate citations has always been a problem in the local SEO realm. It’s such a large problem that will hurt your local SEO campaign that I even wrote a 6,000+ word article on […]

Pigeon Update: Crap One Month Later & What You Can Do

Just over a month ago on July 24, 2014, Google released an update to their local algorithm dubbed Pigeon. When this algorithm was released Google started taking more traditional organic signals into consideration for the local ranking factors. Whenever there is a major algorithm update you can generally expect to see some crap results for […]

Using Lastpass for Easy Citation Building: Local SEO

Building citations for local SEO is an important task that everyone involved in local SEO needs to be aware of.┬áNot only do you need to build strong citations, you also need to make sure they’re 100% correct when you’re building them. Creating inconsistencies in the data by using incorrect information can create a real local […]

Yext Duplicate Suppression Overview: Good or Bad?

Editor’s Note: This article has since been updated after speaking with Christian Ward at Yext and testing the duplicate suppression process. I will be publishing a follow up piece soon. Recently I published a post on about how to clean up your citations and increase your local SEO presence. In this article I covered […]

How to Add a New Google My Business Listing

If you have had any involvement in local search over the past few years you probably have heard a lot of different names for the local listings. Maybe you remember it as Google Places, maybe you called it Google Plus Local, or maybe you didn’t know what it was called. Today (June 11, 2014) I […]

Do I need an SEO? Why?

There is a long list of articles questioning the use of the term SEO, and more agencies dropping the letters from their own brand. So much so that you may be thinking, do I even need SEO? As part of the marketing landscape, I understand the shaky legs that one may get while taking a […]

Carousel Rankings Correlated with Web Mentions?

Danny Sullivan reported yesterday that a new search algorithm is in place for more complex search queries. We read his post, and then went on to Google and searched ‘Impressionist painters’. On first glance, we found it interesting how the search results look quite similar to the local carousel results Google rolled out earlier this […]

The Importance of Pictures in the New Local Carousel

After our last test on the local carousel, it was pointed out that most people clicked on the actual pizza in the first slider image. That got us thinking. What if every picture in the slider had a picture of pizza? Would that change the way people interacted with the new local carousel interface? Long […]

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